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Plentific Webinar | Voids Solution
We are pleased to introduce our best-in-class voids solution, which helps you reduce turnaround time and minimise rent loss. You’ll also get a chance to learn the best practice from L&Q, one of the largest landlords in the UK.

It is built on Plentific’s all-in-one platform that allows you to digitise voids processes, store and access historical data, deliver inspections and repairs works efficiently and eventually make better decisions with advanced analytics of voids performance.

Learn more about our void solutions and start to reduce your turnaround time now.

Here’s our agenda:
- Current pressures on property managers and owners
- How Plentific helps tackle voids challenges
- How L&Q is improving the voids processes in partnership with Plentific
- Product demo
- Q&A session

- Henrik von Bahr, VP of Sales UK, Plentific
- Goda Adlyte, Senior Product Manager, Plentific
- Natalie Dwight, Maintenance Operations Administration Manager, Direct Maintenance, L&Q

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